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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Captured By Robots @ Soda Bar, February 24th 2017

Well I've got a shitty blog for you!
Been a minute since I've been to the Soda Bar. This place typically has more hipsters than I care to put up with. Not really shitty and divey enough for me. 
Nebula Drag was the opening band. Props to them for showing up last minute.
The headliner.
I like how they had motorcycle gas tanks for bodies.
The brains/talent.
Piano frets used to hold down the strings.
Terminator 2.
J-Bot came out banging on a drum with a banner.
Then he got right into it. No trumpet section, no piano, no tamborine-bot....
Just straight of GrindCore.
You too, could have witnessed this debacle for a mere ten dollars!
But you didn't. I literally counted forty people in attendance at one point.
Apparently robots aren't "cool" nowadays. 
Fuck cool.
Just let it all out.
My favorite song he played was "Crazy Neighbor". It was hilarious.
I gotta say, this dude put alot more energy into his show than the last two time I saw him. Then again, I did get kicked out the last time he was in town. I was heckling a bit much.
Job well done, good sir.
I bought a cd and a shirt.
Fun times!



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