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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- The Love And Hype Is In The Air

As usual, a little late on the current events/holidays.
But hey, better late than never! Right?
Valentines Day tip: Hit up the grocery store early in the morning to get meat on sale! Typically the butcher just put in out, and it's cheaper than going out to dinner. Plus, your loved on will appreciate the fact that you whipped up a home cooked meal.
Doodling. Less is more.
Saw this on Instagram and I love it. Danzig/Samhain/Misfits forever and always.

Don't forget the flowers!
Poo-poo time. He was annoyed that I was spying on him during his poopy time.

Deal with it.
The kids are alright! Lucky as hell to be able to teach the groms how to shred.
Working and failing at my flat ground game. So it goes...
The bub Lefty, polarizing with an EF shirt on. Hyped!
100 percent skateboarder.
Rib-eye, squash and scalloped potatoes. Dinner done right!
The kids are alright part two!
Pink belly!
Luigi's pizza. Two for the wife and three for me.
Round two for me! I was hungry. The slice in the middle had bacon, chicken and spicy mayo!
She's a beauty.
Left over french fries and eggs

Steve-O, high as fuck. Random shit I find on YouTube.


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