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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Shred Shots-Brandon Lefever, Hans Stacy, Gabe, Jackson Boomer, Stewart Rife, Tim Williams & Chris Larue

Enjoying skateboarding everywhere I go!
All photos shot by myself except for the screen grabs.

Brandon Lefever with some big snaps over a jersey barrier on Harbor Drive in DTSD.

Hans Stacy with a screen grab stolen from DPC.

The bub used to have some hops!
Old Mission Valley Skatepark.

The bub Gabe with a artsy-fartsy shot stolen from his Instagram.

Jackson Boomer, mid air to back disaster.
Coronado Skatepark

Stewart Rife, boardlsiding in Chican Park.
Smit grind, Stewart Rife. Mid City Heights Skatepark.

Tim Williams with a crooked grind.
The bub Chris Larue with a wallride in Mission Valley.
 Killing it!


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