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Friday, March 3, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Refurbished Skateboards Part 1

Who the hell is 'they' anyway? Oh well, who cares.
 Stopped by Alpine Brewery and restaurant and had the poutine fries with a fried egg on top. The gravy was chicken curry and it was tits!
I just found this YouTube channel and I'm psyched!
 Spicy green beans with bacon bits, mac 'n cheese, and beef brisket that flaked off with a fork.
No knife was needed!
 Left overs for lunch the next day. Turns out bbq baked beans on top of spaghetti doesn't taste bad at all!
Baaaaaaaaked beans!
 After work.... I'd been driving around with these three decks in the back of my car. Time to get started on a project.
 I figured since I was gonna make a cutting board, I didn't need the noses or the tails.
 Used a heat gun to peel off the grip tape.
 Ayyyyyyy! Charlie Thomas pro board for Preservation Skateboards! I kinda felt bad chopping it up, but I know he'd be psyched to know that I recycled his board!
H-Street, Next Generation
 Scraping grip-tape glue off a deck is messy business. Luckily I had a scraper at my disposal. 
 Then it was time to scrape up the decks so the glue would adhere to the decks.
 Then I scraped the graphics off on both sides and peeled the stickers off.
Smear the glue! 
 Then it was time to press them together with a bunch of clamps.
Then I let it sit for a while. Two days to be precise.
Continued in another installment....... Still don't know what I'm making with it.

Trimmed it up and don't know what to do with it. Probably make a boring cutting board as I mentioned before. The possibilities are endless!


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