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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Sew and Destroy Promo Premiere Photos

The bub Josh Stafford had himself a new product line release....
Good times were had down in Ocean Beach Culture Brewing Co.
Instagram flyer.
Nice ode to Thrasher. 
Other deck art gracing the walls. I dug the pool-shark.
Bondi-Bowl Aussie Pro down unda' was streaming live! Sick!
Truman showing off the shirt Josh gave me. Pick Pocket MFG. is siiiiick!
The man of the hour with a few words.
Then video time! The dude on the left had the best hair.
Joe Dirt for life.
Shredding at Neil Mims Skate Academy. I gotta get there.
This dude had a puppy pug!
And that's that.
This place is already becoming legendary! The do skate vids every Thursday!
Job well done Josh!
 Looking forward to skating and playing poker with you in the future!


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