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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Super Bowl 51, Memo Park Shredding, More Skating and Stone Wall Peak Hiking

Hey, if you don't like it, put shit in yer hat!
Eye of the tiger. The mother fucking G.O.A.T.! Super Bowl 51 had me on the edge of my seat....
Then by halftime (28-3 Falcons) I was a nervous-nelly and started cooking a tri-tip.
Comfort food. Little did  Iknow this was my good luck meal!
Then I witnessed greatness! Tom Brady and the New England Patriots made a huge comeback to beat the Atlanta Falcons. That's 5 rings for the Pats!
We will never see another SB ending like this! First Super Bowl to go to overtime. Biggest deficit to overcome. Apparently Falcons had a 99.6 percent chance of winning this game, and the blew it!
I'm still in shock!
Time to celebrate!
Model. I call this the "I don't give a fuck" pose.
Sandwiches are mandatory.
Crazy people wanting to blame something for their craziness. Not the fact that they are mentally ill or smoke meth or crack.... The list goes on.
Hello neighbor!
Pasta night!
I mowed it.
Memo session with the bub Brockman!
Love it when a board and shoes get me hyped to skate!
He always drops in from the top rope. I gotta start doing that. Not be such a wuss.
Then the bub Larue showed up! He gooooooooood!
Good sesh bubs!
National Pizza Day celebrating it with some left over spaghetti!
Aaaaaaaaaand more pizza!
Love this album!
Go Forth and Die!
Stopped by the legendary Brooklyn Elementary for some sight seeing.
Slayer! Fuck yea! Annihilation!
I like Nick Boserios ollie-over-50-50.....
But nothing tops Mumford! TWS. The Reason.
Love how this whole part was black and white. Typical Zero format!
The Barbeque Pit continues to satisfy my needs.
North Park's hot spot. Real shit if you ask me. But to the talented shredder out there nowadays...... it's a real gem.
The view from Presidio Park.
T.C.'s Mash With Us crew.
Always on my mind!
Dowdy, rolling in. It's all about having fun!
Then it was off to a hiking date with the wife!
It was our first time tackling this beast.
A few downed trees dues to the heavy rain and wind recently.
We made it! That's Lake Hodges in the background!


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