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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Presidents Day Shredding

Ain't nothing better than getting in a healthy dose of shredding!
Shitty DIY in Coronado. 
 Beautiful sunset and clouds.
 Crazy for Crazee burger! Love me the Texas burger with some sidewinder fries.
 This combination makes me bounce off the walls.
Nacho life.
 Woke up Saturday morning ready to shred! 
Morning hype!
 Straight to Poods park with these bubs! Good people right here.
 It starts with a push.
 When we arrived the bowl had a bunch of water in it. That's what the soaked towels and t-shirts are all about.
 This kid was ripping. Right after I shot this photo, he tuck-knee'd thru the back nosegrind!
 The kids are alright!
 Cody with the eye of the tiger.
 People everywhere at this point. I counted over 80 heads.
 Post skate sesh coffees. These were super good.
Afterwards I found myself at a book store off Adams avenue that had kitty cats roaming around!
I was in a hyper-nerd heaven. 
 This cat wouldn't look at me. It was too concentrated on cleaning its butthole.
Hit up the FilipinoKing and met up with him and the Sk8Mafia squad in dtsd. These bubs are all about being in the streets! 
 Jamie Palmore with a sick wallie to fakie on that big ass yellow barrier.
Skate 'til sunset. Life is good. 


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