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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Diet Of A Champion and Memo Shredding With Nasty Neil

I look around, I look around..... And I see 'lotta new faces.....
Looks like some you have been breaking the first two rules of eat-club....
Watched all of the F vids recently (except for the last two new ones.
Shredding Memo park!
Carving this flooded portion of the mini-clover bowl was fun yet risky. 
The recent rain built a new challenge for us!
Oh you know, just taking pics....
Only to watch NastyNeil damn near plow over this dude. Neil was good, but the dude on the grounds took all of the impact on his elbows and palms of his hands.
Time to leave.
Time for some greasy ass hole-in-the-wall Chinese food,
Fuggit, may as well stop by J-Bo on the way home.
Jr. bacon cheeseburgers with fries and a bacon-ranch taco.
Then I threw some orange chicken onto one of my jr. bacon-cheeseburgers.
It was tits.
Then I suffered a stroke.
Just kidding! It's some screen grabs of Hans!
Yep, still stoking the kids out at the Skatepark.
I tried these out. I'm more of a fan of their "Nashville" flavor, which is spicy.
Still a good meal.
Awesome night time shot.


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