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Monday, May 4, 2015

EatFiend @ HalfDoor Brewing Company, East Village Downtown, San Diego

Woke up hungover one recent weekend and suggested to the wifey that we check out the new sister-bar to The Field, the "Half Door Brewing Company".
Here we go...
Morning hype!
1 star living accomodations in dtsd.
Half Door! Love the location. Just one block north of the park.
Red ale.
"Please don't take my picture."
New tap handle coming to a pub near you.
Yabba dabba doo.
Pretzel bites and pork hash. Not bad for brunch!
Love me some runny eggs.
Look at the blood!
Full bar.
Very comfy and cozy.
Bunch of killer house made ales.
Outdoor seating.
Just one block from Petco park.
And they have upstairs seating. Fucking awesome!



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