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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Same Shit, Different Day

Welcome back to another edition. Same shit, different day.
Drunken meatballs.
7 minute long montage filmed in the NYC. Pretty tight.
Biscuit using the tree.
Vans, Propeller premiere was fucking awesome. Can't wait to get a copy.
"Uhh, please don't film any of this video. It will be on ITunes in exactly one hour."
Tony Alva carving in the opening montage. TNT had my favorite part. Elijah Berle and Rowan Zarilla ucking killed it too! AVE with the last part.
Wendys for lunch.
 Dog I frequently see while running around for Unit Craft.
 The shit I consume from 7-11.
 Hyped for the bub, Truman Hooker. He kills it.
 On to the food portion. Went all out and bought some of that top shelf bbq sauce. OH YEA!
Stubbs is the shit.
 Tri-tip is the shit too!
 Slather in bbq gold!
 He loves to help me bbq.
 Sleeping on the job.
 Fuck yea.
 Just the way I like it.
 My favorite thing to bbq.
 I even gave Biscuit a taste. You know I can't leave the bub hungry!
 Cheese buns.
 Cheese tater tots too!
 Igby approved.



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