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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Smoking a Pork Shoulder

A very productive weekend. Get out there and make it happen yourself.
Bastards in some baskets for breakfast.
PQ park session.
Met up with Cody and the FillipinoKing for a session at Grossmont High.
Wallie up, ride across and dump truck in. Cody fucking rips.
Too cute!
Afterwards we hit up Dallas park for a session.
Scooter brats and biker kooks everywhere. What people don't understand is that this park is way too small for bikers.
The kids aren't alright.
Didn't stop Cody from getting buck! He rips the hardest everytime, everywhere!
Found this and it got me super hyped.
Love this ledge.
Backyard time for Igby.
Biscuit was there to assist.
9 pound pork shoulder at .90 cents a pound. Mama didn't raise no fool.
Rubbed salt and pepper all over it. Nothing fancy.
I made it a goal of mine to perfect my bbq technique with my propane slow cooker. I have charcoal down, but cooking with propane is all about timing.
I even remembered to soak the wood chips this time. Changed them out every 15-20 minutes or so.
While I waited, Ricky kept me entertained.
The meat got a little above 200 degrees.
The skin cooked up pretty darn good.
Set up a plate to capture the precious grease.
Oh yeah! I wanted to wave it around like a caveman.
The skin was thick and crunchy.
I kept the bone for some ham hock soup.
Chow time. The middle was white and juicy!
Carved that bitch up and slathered bbq sauce all over it.
Pretty psyched how the smoke ring came out too!
I'll typically buy the most generic sauce to see how well the meat comes out.
Threw some crunchy skin on a frying pan with bacon grease on it.
Oh yea, bacon was consumed also.
Served with cole slaw, jalapeno chips on a nice soft bun.
Whisky shots and bacon with the bub Butterface!
Fuckin' cheers!



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