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Friday, May 1, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- The Party Ain't Over

Food and skating in this blog. 
Stay tuned for tomorrows blog of more food and skating.
Tuna steak.
Turned into tuna tacos.
Got experimental with the In N Out spread. Good stuff.
Round two.
The party ain't over.
Bacon party. 
Biscuit chowin' down on some tuna.
So happy for the bub Brandon Perelson to get on Vox!
The bub gets me so hyped!
Biscuit sleeping in Igbys basket.
Turned out nicely.
Couldn't agree more.
Meat party.
More longanesa. Threw some mushrooms int here too!
Of course there was bacon cooking too.
Caramelized onions.
Fahkin' greassssssssey!
When life gives you pepperoni, cook them in bacon grease.
I thought this was pretty fucking awesome.
Stinky making a valiant attempt to win at cards.



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