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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Wild Animal Park & Stone Brewery

The wifey and I decided to hit up the Wild Animal Park.
It was on the day of the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight, so nobody was really there.
Hadn't been to the Wild Animal park in at least 20 years.
The day was perfect. Not scorching hot like it normally is in Escondido.
Right through the entrance we observed a handler with some sort of bear..... or cat? Not really sure what it was.
The best part about this place was all the random myst stations.
Tigers are tight.
Crazy tiger.
Fun trails to walk through.
Big kitty.
Sleepy kitty. Just waiting around for the next meal.
Condor ridge was fucking tight!
The sight of a caged bald eagle bummed me out at first, but I saw a sign that it was injured and could no longer fly. Better in captivity than fending in the wild.
Beautiful, peaceful, warm San Diego day.
Flowers were a bloomin'.
I learned a new word.
Would have been a perfect place to board a flight. No one around.
My does no justice as far as how beautiful these flowers are.
The colors man!
You make my heart sing.
Cheers to not having kids and sipping 32 ounce beers in public.
Baby rhino.
It was putting on a show.
I felt like this bird was giving me the crazy eye.
Apparently this helium filled balloon is a ride that go's straight up. I bet the photo opportunities are rad. 
It was not operating this day due to weather restrictions. It was slightly breezy.
If I were a super villan I would definitely make this giant balloon my get-away ride.
Lioness. The paws on this thing were gigantic.
Time for a safari ride!
All that white shit is shit from the birds.
Rhino was chillin'.
Giraffes and antelope everywhere. Pretty awesome.

Round 2. At the time of this picture, it was about 5p.m. That was closing time.
That didn't stop us from checking out the gorillas.
Crazy that these things could rip our limbs off.
Bird island. Covered in shit.
Afterwards we hit up Stone Brewery. Kicked it off with some pretzels and pints. The mustard was good but the brat-cheese was the tits.
Speaking of brats...
Beef brisket with collared greens was meaty and juicy.
One more round before we left. I'll definitely be coming back to Stone brewery.



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