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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery/EatFiend @-Julian Hike & Miners Diner

Went out for a hike with the wife out in Julian...
Fun stuff. The drive out is and awesome transformation of the variety in climate that San Diego has to offer.
 William Heiss County Park.
 Panorama! Yaaaaaaay!
 The trail was 2.5 miles. We went up clockwise because the park Ranger told us it was mellow going up and steep coming down. We were thankful for the tip!
 Elevation was above 4000 feet. Pretty awesome to see the clouds shadow on the mountain side.
 At the top of the trail there is a telescope with no guts to it. Next time I'm up there I wanna chug a beer through it. On second though, I'll just chug a beer up there. No telling how many creeps have pissed through that thing.
 Off in the distance, Borrego Springs.
 Nature! (Robert Goulet voice) 
 Rocks everywhere.
 Keep on truckin'.
 Burton-esque tree. It'd be cool to timelapse the moon going through these branches.
 Making a descent. Nobody around. Very peaceful.
 Fucking rad picture of a bull. 
Sexy fucking Julian.
Miners Diner.
 Old timey custom fountain soda and milk shake burger joint.
 All kinds of wacky old shit hanging on the walls.
 Legit menu. Julian prices, but hey, what the fuck.
 I went with the "Green River" lime soda. It was so refreshing.
 "Western bbq burger" The french fries were fucking perfect.
 We skipped ice cream.
 Also skipped pie.
Self portrait.
Oh yea, here is a qucik video the bub Mike Brown filmed of Stu Graham! SWITCH 5-0 WSVT.
Good job Mike!



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