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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Skate Riding at Shockus Park & Pizza Goals

Days like these are just fucking awesome. Eat some good food and get yer shred on. That's what it's all about.
A bowl of breaky!
Beautiful and mellow, especially for a Friday afternoon.
Still to this day, everytime I got to O.B. or WSVT, I'm always expecting to see this bub and his open embrace. A shining example of a skateboard ambassador.
Miss you Shockus.
The homey Eric Cruz getting very creative with just a water fountain. I was trippin' out on this. Then I tried to duplicate his move. Turns out my fat ass isn't that flexible.
After Shouckus park we hit up this Old Town school for a quick curb session. This place rules.
This dude lives off pizza for 25 years. Sounds rad except for the fact that he has diabetes.
I would eat pepperoni and feta cheese pizza every fucking day. Life goals.
Stinkys nut sack. He took a pic of his balls on my phone, so in return, I put his balls on the internet.
Lightning nuts.
The Kid.
Awesome song too!
Late night bike ride to Fillibertos with WormTits.
"Don't put that on Facebook."
Sorry, no Fuckbook here. Only EatFiend.
The score.



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