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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Nutritious and Delicious!

Here we are, back at it again.
 DTSD is lookin' a bit rough.
 Saw Paul at PQ park. He still fuckin' kills it.
 Speaking of killing it....
 Now that is a tasty burger.
 Charles killed it with this awesome local homie video. Shit load of S.D. spots.
Gnarcotic Wasteland Is Here! 
 The Inspector making the rounds.
 Nutritious and delicious!
 Ribs at work.
 Bbq or mother fucking die!
 Gotta have that sausage too.
 Like me the Miximus IPA.
 Biscuit has been enjoying the tree.
 Street dog. $2
El Paesano carne asada nachos fucking kill it. I'm addicted to that place.



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