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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Let It Be Known, It's A Fucking Food Blog

Here's the bottom line dickweed, we don't take any shit from fuckin' nobody. You dickholes couldn't get laid in a morgue...
aaaaaaah fuck, I'm drunk.
Came out of a restaurant in Coronado and on the way to the car the wife and I stumbled across a place called "Nado Gelato" on 10th & A. I never had a gelato before but hey, I never fucked a pencil sharpener either.
A different day, the wife and I decided to finally take the plunge and see what this "Underbelly" is all about here in North Park. So I went for it and bought the "Belly of the Beast" bowl ($12), which consisted of a variety of meats (pork belly, tri-tip and flank steak) but also came with a hard boiled egg and some sorta meat gyoza pouches. I sucked the whole bowl down and was hungry for more.
Eat Fucking Fiend.
Newest edition to my dvd collection. Deatwish skateboards is fucking killing it.
In-N-Out is good for the soul. If you ever need a moment of clarity, take a step back, pull yer head outta yer ass and get yerself a double double.
Longanesa and bacon for you taste buds.
Steamed sticky rice and green bell peppers.
Soft boiled eggs. The trick is to wait for the water to start boiling, then put the eggs into the boiling water for 7 minutes and the get yerself a damn beer. You fucking earned it ya damn chef bastard.
As usual a meal fit for a drunken greasy bastard. A plate of meat sweats.
Dusty old bitch came by work and gave a hell of a speech about queefy dust farts. Who the hell knows.
The look you get when you roll up to the skatepark...
Palomar casino with Piech.
We got drunk and then lost our money. Boo fuckin' hoo.
Where nobody knows yer name. Shit on it.
Fili-fuckin'-bertos. Gimme a damn burrito bub.
Typical drunken walks back from the taco shop make losing yer money forgetable. That and beer.
Hungover. Jack In the Crack didn't really help much. couldn't even finish it. 
Luckily it rained and I was able to retreat back to my cave to recover.
A little bit of red wine will help cure a hangover. This shit was good.
A+ Can't say enough good shit about this masterpiece.
A little sippy poo in my morning coffee.
Believe. New destination. Unknown? To be determined.



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