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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- 4th of July 2015

Got some catching up to do. 
Enjoy this blog for now. More to come. Eat a sandwich.
Wire inspire.
Shit duties first thing in the morning.
The bub Larue handling a big ass ollie somewhere in San Diego.
Bought a flag for the house. Even on the 4th of July it was the only one on the block.
Hardly any American pride in North Park. Just a bunch of hipsters with their shitty opinions.
Trolling the internet. I found this to be very exciting and intense!
Beer run! Just for starters.
4th of July wizard staff was mandatory. Gotta' show them how it's done!
My powers were quickly growing...
As the staff grew, I became wiser.
These colors don't run!
Beef cheeks!
Who's beefy?
Cooked in red wine and tossed into the oven!
Veggies. Get on it.
Karne King!
I could grill forever. I find great pleasure in getting drunk and towering over a hot grill into the night cooking for my friends.
Stinky showed up long enough to stuff his suckhole, then off to work he went. He's only half American, so the holiday wasn't a priority for him.
Chopping duties.
Taco time! Been eating alot of hot dogs lately. I thought tacos were in order.
Wiener time for the wife! Gobble gobble gobble!
Meats meat and a mans gotta eat.
You know I was loving it!
NastyNeil showed up! Party fucking animal!
Imagine Neil a hallway monitor. That would be a real knee slapper!
Later into the night, my powers were strong.
I was a good Larb this night. On account that I drank zero liquor.
No idea what the fuck is going on here.
The next morning. Very little damage control. Very high wizard status.
Old Mill the next morning with some hair-of-the-dog.
I went with the machaca breakfast platter. Meh, the eggs were over cooked and there wasn't enough meat.
Random Simpsons pinball arcade. Dig it.



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