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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Wouldn't Be A Blog Without A Bacon Picture

Welcome back to another hopeless edition of M.B.
Butter up them sharp nipples and cut some glass!
Reminiscing of good times past.
I miss 411. The internet rined and perfected everything...
The newest edition to the DIY Robinson street project. This quarter pipe was crusty as all hell.
Party time!
Taking the Patterson homies skating after work one day. These kids rule.
Wouldn't be a blog without a random bacon picture.
Shred Shots.
Ear Defecation. That's doo-doo butter oozing from the ears!
Found myself handling d.d. duties out in Harrah's casino.
I was playing real tight. Sat at the table for a little over 3 hours.
The pay out was great! I left when I was up and walked away with over $300!
So randumb.
Igby getting twisted.
Late night drunken stumbles.
Sometimes you find yourself watching Metalocalypse videos late into the night,
So fucking metal.
Brendon Small's Galakikon album. Give it a listen. Sounds so similar to Snake N Barrels. Much heavier though. So metal.
"Be proud of who you are." -Mixed Vegetables
From the 7th story in DTSD. Hard Rock hotel.
Boss mode.
The bub Greg, hungover as shit. Hair of the dog.
Picture me rollin'!
Psycho Stix in the background of an old Married With Children rerun.



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