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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Hot Summer Days With The King

No matter how hot some days may be, it's always fun to get out there and get some.
 Ya just gotta know where to look. Shady spots like this are so awesome.
 The King found it on google maps. Very resourceful! 
 We were psyched to shred a new spot! I brought both quivers.
 Crusty ditch with broken glass and cigarette butts everywhere. 
Didn't stop us from having fun!
 Fuck yes.
My favorite pre-Duffel era F video.
 All kinds of awesome places to scrape grinds!
 Ditch off the Old highway 80.
 Catching air.
 Whoever has been working on it has been doing a good job.
The thing was steep as fuck.
 The King with a backside pivot stall. GET SOME!
 I was getting artsy-fartsy in the sewer pipe.
 Getting the most miles outta every pair of jean I wear!
 Battled this flat bar and walked away empty handed. Lost spot of the day and it was around the low 90's.
 Such a beast. A man sized flat bar I'd say.
 Not sketchy at all!
 Went and saw a symphony perform classic tunes from Bugs Bunny cartoons of yesteryear.
 Perfect San Diego weather.
They even played the cartoons with the songs!
 Too bad my phone was blowing it. Ha!
Truly an amazing night.
 Checked out the new location of Crazee Burger.
 Womp womp.
 Mandatory IPA.
 Nacho burger with bacon on it! That's how it's done.
Stuffing my face.
Life is good.



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