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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Shitbaggery Cooking Time With KingBaby

Way behind on the blogging business as of late.
 Probably 'cuz I'm too busy stuffing food into my suckhole, slamming beers and slashing curbs.
Lots more crapping coming sooner rather than later.
 Double set rail in Hillcrest. 
 Just gotta hop the fance, open the door and find someone willing to shred it. Very narrow.
 Trivia at the Hideout. Beer is a necessity.
Then it was time for mandatory shit baggery cooking time with KingBaby!
 KingBaby: The aftermath.
 Forever and ever.
 Killer bright moon. Not so killer picture. It was a "you had to be there" moments.
 Then it was off to ye old Filibertos.
 Robinson street is back up and running.
 Sweet parking block jammer. I went at it full speed and turns out the thing was dry and crusty as fuck. The height of ItWasTheLight's board was about how high my body flew into the air before slamming into the harsh rough ground. Skateboarding rules.
 Otherwise it was pretty well built!
 No-comply jammer! 
 Pretty hyped on the new Willis Kimbel model for Creature. 9 inches bub!
Didn't even know about this TWS vid.
 I was in too much pain to film at this point, so ItWasTheLight handled the duties himself.
 Dried out bird.
 I hope this show never stops.
 One guy is looking one way...
 The other looking the other way...
 I guess Coronado has such a problem with alcohol theft, they even put alarms on the cheap wine.
Be careful when eating your bananas.



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