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Monday, August 24, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Mandatory National Hot Dog Day

The never ending pursuit for grinds and grub. Come join us on our adventure. 
Admission is free. 
Blood is mandatory.
That one time I tortured on dickhead cat and forced him to watch the Golden Child eat krunchies right in front of his fucking face. 
Sandwich time.
Brawley rail.
No way I could't post this. JT forever and ever. Respect.
Oil change = Man shit.
I lost a toe nail.

Gifts from Capt.LaRue!
The bub LaRue with a barrie style back lip. Love the black long sleeve. Very Misled Youth.
New Chicano skatepark is shaping up good!
Looks like an automobile to me!
For the workers.
Ditch exploring with ItWasTheLight.
Stoned explorations of this tight ass bitch.
"Nah.... nah..."
It was NAtional Hot Dog day. Which means mandatory Hershey squirts! 
Ooooooh yea! Bacon dawg!
Who wants to do this with me?
Backyard feline shots...
He loves the dirt.
Poker grind.
Wasted grind.
America. Fuck yea.
Camp vibes.
'Ol Hanky-poo.
My local spot.
Hangover cure.

Get some.



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