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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Swiggin' Brew and Shredding Ditches

Get on it people. No one is gonna make you that plate of bacon.
You gotta cook it and let that grease spit in yer face....
Take it bitch.
Trolling the blog, looking at old pics.
Costco vodka doesn't taste too bad.
Pretty stoked to find some bottled Red Rocket ale.
I'm this many cases of beer tall.
Meat forever!
Food Bowl rules. Cheers!
Then it was time to make some meat mush for dinner!
Veggies, pasta, riccota cheese, pasta sauce..... you name it.
Diced flank steak and it was on!
Mush time!
Late night Wii with WormTits.
Little watermelon growing in the backyard.
Larue, a man of many talents.
Skate tank!
Then we were off to the spot. Mr. Alvarado joined us too!
Amazing spot, but way too advanced for my stoned ass.
Jamie Palmore, SK8MAFIA!!!
This dude was gnarly.
Jimmy Cao.
Sk8Mafia is so tight. Those dudes are everywhere in S.D.
Choo chooooooooooooooo!
It was hot and I was seeking shade.
Very hot as of late.
Things were winding down.
I would love to walk down these drunk at night.
Jeremy Klein fucking kills!
Ghetto microwave.
Drinking and walking. That's my shit.
Don't let them catch ya slippin'.
Stinky and his humble abode.
So stinky.
Drunk meat shopping.



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