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Friday, August 7, 2015

Video- Shithouse Hammered

You ever have those days where you start slamming Irish-bombs when everybody else isn't?
The pace of everybody else getting drunk just isn't fast enough for you?
The screaming liver living inside yer innards is saying "More!, Another!, Mooooooooore!"
Sometimes one turns himself into a fucking Gremlin and one has the tendencies to cause havok when one is a Gremlin. Feed the Gremlin after midnight and he turns into a Larb. Once The Larb emerges from its cocoon, it's only mission is to consume and keep going...... 'til the fucking sun comes up, their is no more drink or 'TIL THE FUCKING WHEELS FALL OFF!

You can bet yer ass I had a hangover of epic proportions the next morning.



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