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Monday, August 3, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Metamorphosis

Join us for some fun. No telling when you'll be done...
You like kittys? Yep, we got 'em. Need a beer? They are in the 'fridge.
Just scroll down and smoke yerself some wackt tobbacky.
 This furry little man.
 Public bathroom experience. I didn't have the guts to be a logger.
'Nuff said.
 Poker winnings, That's how I fucking roll!
This made me laugh so hard. These are two of my favorite poker pro's.
 Hungover the next morning.
 Sunset cliffs in Ocean Beach.  I gotta take the plunge some day.
 Morning therapy.
 This video is dope. Find it if you can. Thanks Matthew for the b-day gift!
 Steak, mac 'n cheese with pepperoni and salad. A well balanced meal is what my gut tells me.
 When the canned food gets busted out, these two are my best friends.
 Happy kitty #1.
 Happy kitty #2.
 Brews on the Island. It was weird. A Larb's gotta do what a Larb's gotta' do.
I'd do the same if I was locked in a cage all day.
 Hyped on the plane in the middle of this panorama.
  Yaaaaaaay! Happy dog.
 A picture menu is always helpful. I just point and grunt at what I want.
 Mandatory cold Sapporo. This stuff is best on a hot day.
Teriyaki steak and a spicy tuna roll along with the famous UTC roll. 
Yummi Sushi nails it every time.



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