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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Another Kick Ass Week of Skating, Hamiltons and Bowling!

HEY, HO, LET'S GO!....
Hope yer ready for a healthy dose of whatever it is that I'm into.
Shockus Park. Love me those long mini hubbas.
Rip riding!
Bowling break later that day!
This is so sick.
All day!
The truth is out there.
This lady had a message to share.
Who knows what it says.
The bub Chase chilling at Memo.
We had a real tight squad of bubs. Larue and master lenman Dowdy AKA Typical Culture 'zine.
Going the distance!
Kinda wish it wasn't so late in the day.
The pop to get on this ledge os no joke either. Practically a waist high ledge.
Way to go Chris!
He backtailed the whole sucker too!
Chase taking a slam before walking away victorious the next try.
That'll happen. 
If yer wondering, that's Figgy in the background. He was killing it.
Someone sweating it out for Chuck Heavy.
Pickles on everything is mandatory on my burgers and fries these days.
Fresh paint!
Hamilton's in South Park.
They have a rad menu.
Heavy craft beer list.
Time to chow down.
Look at all of those beer taps!
Hill bombing.
It was scary. 32nd street in South Park.
On the 'ol Zip Zinger!
Back to the alley.
Good times!


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