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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Wizard Retreat 2017 Photos

Six years in a row!
Woke up to this. My babe is the best!
This was given to Hans after he told us about dirty deeds he'd been doing.
Buckle up buck-a-roo!
Lakeside session on our way out to the camp site. 
It was hot as fuck.
It didn't last very long.
Stopped by Wal-Mart for some supplies and they were giving out free shots of Makers Mark whiskey!
Don't mind if we do!
Bought a dozen ears of corn for under $3!
Then we stopped by Alpine Beer company!
Hoppy Birthday to me!
...And the town drunk!
We had arrived!
Van was looking proper!
Then we relocated. Much better!
We had a shitload of good wood for burning the night away!
Then the mischief makers arrived with bottles of liquor in hand.
Squad! Even Hanky-poo came along for the trip!
Back woods bowling.
Corn station was coming along!
Good old fashioned sipping brews with yer best bubs watching some caveman television out in the nature. Life is good!
Good old WormTits had arrived!
I picked up a nice tri-tip for the occasion!
KingBaby's occupational chef skills came in handy.
Seasoned just right.
Wizard staff was coming along nicely.
KingBaby also brought some pork belly with him!
Love me my cast iron skillet.
 Always comes thru in a cooking clutch.
Over the fire cooking!
Chop chop!
Team work makes the dream work. Notice how the cutting board is sitting on a log?
Stinky put to good use his handling skills.
Aliens, man. Aliens.
The night ensued, Fireball was slugged.
Can't beat a good old fashioned fire.
Hans was pretty dusted on account that he had been drinking all day.
Then things got a bit hazy...
He was loving it until he couldn't handle it.
The answer and cause to all of your problems.
Stinky did a backflip over a guard rail and it scared the shit outta me. Luckily he landed in a ditch filled wit tall weeds. Hank stole a piece of meat from the cutting board, which was absolutely hilarious. Piech laughed til it hurt and it was okay....
You guys killed it!
Headbangers ball.
Thanks everyone for coming with! Good times!
I love you all!


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