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Friday, July 7, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Getting Shartsy w/ Mustard and Rip Ride TWS Sesh w/ Christian and DaveJ

Went shredding with the bub Christian. Been pushing wood with this bub for nearly twenty years now!
Never stop hopping fences!
Cody Carlin and te Filipino King Matthew were already tere!
I've eaten alot of shit of these things. Kinda surprised they haven't been capped after all these years.
Biscuit is my drawing assistant.
I was feeling shartsy, so I decided to put down the DMV on some paper.
Then I kept getting distracted with this handsome devil.
I have no paints so I used mustard instead! 
Stinky approves!
Pretty shitty and "one dimensional". That's what the wife said. Pretty much shit all over my shart project. Meh!
I miss Ali Boulala and Shane Cross.
Never forget.
DMV sesh with these bubs. Lotta' beers and good laughs and hectic grinds have been had here.
I still haven't seen Sausage Partry.
Spying on BK and Cobb while they waited in line at In N Out in Mission Valley.
I pretty much always get pickles on my animal style fries.
It's been on heavy rotation lately.
Thanks DavidJ for yer support and the fun sesh up at Transworld Skateboarding Magazine!
I brought brews too and the session was just getting started!
It's a real beauty!
The rails look low but man they are still scary-ass rails!
This whole quarter pipe had pool coping on it that grinded super good!
He was so hyped on his shirt he wore it the whole time!
Straight onto his board and then the ground.
Didn't stop him from back tailsliding the fuck outta the box.
A moment of silence.
Christian started ripping the wallride.
He was killing it as is tradition.
Friggin' low light and exposure.
Gotta film it!
Footy check!
This thing was so friggin' fun! I will be back to skate you!
Focused board.
Getting down with some caveman grinds.
He was very psyched on his new pants.
Thanks Dave for the good time!
I love these little green buggers.
Thanks Truck for the shirt!
Get out and get some!


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