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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Shred Shots- David Hodge, Juan Carlos, Gumby, Austin Wilson, Andy Klein & Josh Kalis

Most of these pics are from Coronado Skatepark....
But that don't mean a thing! I'm just here to capture some stoke!

David Hodge with a killer frontside ollie on the mini-tombstone at Nado park.

The bub Juan Carlos with a fully commited backside grab at WSVT.
Gumby with a "LOOK MA', NO HANDS" frontside corner slasher in the clover bowl at Nado park.

Andy Klein with a huge floater of an ollie outta the clover bowl and back down to planet earth.

Then he did a big ass crail grab!
The bub Austin with a sunset frontside 180 at Nado park.

My favorite trick ever! F/s noseslide.
Photo by ItWasTheLight

The legend himself at the Civic Center in DTSD, Josh Kalis.
Backside 180 over an ashtray.

Skateboarding gets me so juiced!


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