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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Fully Flared Premiere Photos and Bowling Fun

I have the tendency to refer to skate video premieres as "going to church".
Let's start the skatanic sermon, shall we?
I love skate video premiers.
R.I.P. David Bowie
And Prince!
Pretty hyped to see this vid. It was my first premiere seeing a video of the Spike Jonez caliber.
Usually these types of premieres happen up in L.A.
At this point I only assumed there was an SD premiere 'cuz Riley Hawk had a part in it.
I was chilling next to the bub Oakes. He's the eye of Simple Life 'zine!
Crowd hype.
Mike Carroll! SOTY!
Lot's of changes have happened to Lakai since there last video "Fully Flared".
Since then the team has lost Brandon Biebel to Diamond Footwear. A bitter break up with Marc Johnson whom went to Adidas footwear. And took a real huge hit by losing Eric Koston, Alex Olson and  Guy Mariano to Nike.
I hate Nike.
Anyway, enough about that drama. This is about Lakai!
Found this young am passed out on the john. Second premiere of the tour. 
Gonna be a long trip for this young buck.
I was making my friends get photos. It's all about the good time, right?
Oakes and his homie.
Myself and the bub Zack MacKenzie. Love this bub.
Post video crowd hype.
Then next day I hung with the bub Isaac Patterson and ate some fresh produce from his garden.
Spelling error.
One cat looking one way...
The other cat looking the other way.
The Love Movement!
Highest scoring team of game one gets a free round compliments of the bowling alley!
We killed it!
Piech and the eye of the tiger.


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