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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

EatFiend @ The Library

EatFiend is coming back at ya with a vengeance!
This time around we hit up "The Library", a nice divey sports bar located at 7459 Mission Gorge road, 92120. This place is a bit outta' the way, but it's definitely a "must go" if yer a die-hard Charger fan or even a die-hard drunk, like us.
 Pretty cool location. In the corner of a mini-mall. Nice and tucked away.
We went there to meet up with some friends to watch the Chargers @ Bengals playoff wilcard match-up. Charger fans everywhere.
 Hours are stated on the sign.
 This place knocks it out the park when it comes to entertaining ones drunken need. Full bar, multiple pool tables, foosball, arcades and a shit load of televisions!
 The place was kinda empty due to the game being aired on regular television. Thats cool, more bar for us!
 I had a hard time choosing a screen to watch. Reminded me of that Keeanu Reeves movie, "Johnny Nemonic".
 I personally wasn't there for the event, but legend has it that this is where Capt.Stinky transformed into the mythical beast we all know as "DumpsterDick"...
 Besides the fact that I went out here to smoke a joint, I was very intrigued with the legend of DumpsterDick and how it happened. So many questions..... which dumpster did he get blown behind? What did the girl look like? Was she a giver? Did she laugh? Did she cry? Was she wet? Was she dry?...
So many questions. I guess some things are left to the imagination.
 At this point in the football game it was half time and I was about to get balls deep in a Jack in the Box sourdough sandwich (not shown). Beforehand, I was stoned walking around and across the street they have what looks like a gravel/concrete factory? Who the hell knows.
Cool looking dilapidated water carriage, who the hell knows.
Didn't go any further at this point. It was a good day and a good time! Chargers beat the Bengals and all was merry. Check this bar out, pretty cool dive.



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