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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Suddenly I Feel Light- An ItWasTheLight Film

Fellow skater/eater/bub ItWasTheLight premiered 
his newest time lapse film at U31. It was a big hit and turns out it made the Vimeo "staff picks".
Which basically means that ItWasTheLight is a big shot now and you should all buy him a beer.
Or should he buy us a beer? Who nows...
                         Suddenly I Feel Light from Jeff Morris on Vimeo.

 If you were lucky enough to make it to this premiere you could of met Bruce Willis and got free whiskey since he was getting bottle service.
I took no pictures of this night because it was so dark and my shitty camera phone is not equiped with a damn flash. However I will admit that I ate $14 worth of Mexican food in my blacked out state.



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