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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

$2 Poor Mans Meat Pie

I pretty much grew up on Tony's Pizza's and they are nothing compared to a classy pie like DiGiorno or California Pizza Kitchen...
So here I give you my own personal way I fix them $2 cheapo pizza's into something delicious!
 But first I gotta suggest that you people out there check out this dudes part. 
 This is all the motivation I need for pizza night!
If any of you watch The Daily Show, this shit was hilarious!
 So "Pantry Essentials" was the cheapest pizza I could find at Vons. $1.99 a pie.
Also we have cheap sausage, cheap wine, cheap beer, blah blah blah...
 Step 1. Tell that pizza it's fucking pathetic and it needs to go to the gym and get some steroids to feed my fucking crappetite. Crappetite: (noun), ones natural desire to satisfy their appetite for crappy food.
There, I did it. I just invented a fucking word.

Real cutting edge cerebral shit going on over here at EatFiendHQ...
 Step 2. Dump some mozzarella cheese on that shit!
 Step 3. Pan seer some ground Italian sausage.
 Step 4. If ya got anymore cheese, throw that shit in!
 Step 5. Add more pepperoni! Meats meat and a man's gotta eat!
 Step 6. Add more fucking cheese. I should also mention that you should be keeping yer palate nice and clean with lots of cold beer!
 Step 7. Don't burn the sausage shit head!
 Step 8. Throw that sausage on top! MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAT!

 Step 9. Of course ya add more cheese! This time it's feta!
 Step 10. Add them bacon bits! This was on sale and cheaper than bacon by the pound, plus it's already cooked.

 Step 11. Throw it in the oven, DUUUUUUUUUUUUUH!
 In all its glory! It looks so beautiful!
 Biscuit approves.
 WormTits was satisfied.
Time for the cook to have a drink of the 'ol spacebag! 



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