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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

EatFiend's Chili Cook Off With CommanderNBeef

If you recently viewed the last Mandatory Bloggery...
...You were probably asking yourself "Where's the footy of the chili cook off!?!?"
Don't worry you hungry pack of savages, here is a special treat for you called "EatFiend's Chili Cook Off With CommanderNBeef".

The video at the end is a 15 second Instagram clip that Buttterface filmed and edited onsite during the Chili Cook Off with his IPhone. Thanks Buttterface! 
The moron screaming in the background is LordBlah.
I filmed the Insta-clip with my cell phone off the computer! Yay!
That's how we do things here at EatFiend.   
If ya don't like it, put shit in yer hat.



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