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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery: End of the Year 2013

Mandatory Bloggery checks in, the end of the year was a doozy and there is lots to tell...
 Extra pics from our Poway sesh, as seen in the recent Shred Shots.
 Dudes were ripping so hard I ran out to the car to grab my camera phone and started shooting through the fence. Tried not to miss anything, but I blew it anyway.
 Buttefarce eyes up his board while a "Santee o.g." (LaRue's words) gets ready to handplant the fucking 6 foot ramp. So gnarly. As seen on the recent Shred Shots.
 This park is pretty rad, though.
 Christmas morning hype. Waiting for the wife to get outta bed.
 I was shocked and psyched that the wife bought me a GoPro for Christmas.
More projects in the works!
 Christmas day batch of cookies we made at my parents house.
 Christmas night the wife made dinner.
Wedge salad with ranch, carrots, bacon bits and tomatoes.
 Some of the best filet mignon I've ever had.
 Can't forget about Biscuit! He got half a can of tuna for Christmas.
 He wolfed it down.
 Family photo!
 Go watch it.
 Another Christmas gift, "Crime" by Arrogant Bastard. I have yet to drink it.
 I also made biscuit a "PlayStation" house.
 He was into it.

 Supe psyched on these ledges Butterface and I found close to my house.
Thats so saaaaaaaaaaaad.
Warming up.
 Been really into cooking tri-tip sandwiches lately.
 Rub a shitload of salt and pepper on it...
 Throw it on the grill. Within 45 minutes you got yerself a tasty meal, bub.
 Grilled up some sausages while waiting.
 Nailed it! Look at the bloooooooooooooooooooood!
 On a bun with homemade bbq sauce and some Arrogant Bastard chipotle mustard.
 Blood started dripping onto the floor. 
We weren't about to let that go to waste!
Catch it with the bun, soak that up!
Mop it up!
 So greedy.
 Big ass biology book that was used to pop some cyst's I have in my left wrist.
They call it bible therapy. Look it up on YouTube.
It worked for one of two cyst's.
After about 25 whacks with the books.
 More morning hype.
 Some nights are a double pizza kinda night.
 Pineapple used to come to the park all the tie back in the day.
Still haven't seen anyone boardslide at the park like he did.
 For Capt.Sahi: "Fuck, Shit"
 Late night game of pool with Zeus and BornRetard.
 This place was epic. Full review coming soon.
 My dad, the owner of Little Club and Zeus all taught me what I know about pool.
 We battled game for game. It was fun.
 We had a few shots of Fireball too.
 Beautiful man.
I seriously love this man. Zeus helped me out big time when I was a young dumb kid.
He hooked me up with a ridiculous amount of free boards, bearings, wheels and other stuff when I clearly didn't deserve it (I probably would have paid for it anyway). I look back at it now, and he probably gave me shit so he would have someone to drink beer and play the punching game with late in the evening.



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