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Monday, January 6, 2014

EatFiend @ Shakedown Bar/ Nihilist Kills

Welcome back everyone to our newest installment of 
"EatFiend @"
Even though I have been to the Shakedown in Point Loma, I felt like it ruled enough to wanna blog the place. Located on 3408 Midway Drive, 92110 just a few blocks away from Kristy MVP's, Sports Arena, Wings N Things and In-N-Out.

Pre part action as seen here. A couple of cases of PBR for a heavy fuckin' metal show!
In my opinion the best heavy metal bar in San Diego, probably the only one for that matter.
Nihilist! No idea who the opening bands were.
Conveniently located next to a liquor store for those of you that want to save a few bucks and get in touch with ones inner-Larb in alley.
And a tattoo parlor just in sight.
$8 cover charge. This place has changed tremendously since the last time was here.
I have been coming here since it was called the "Rhythm Lounge" and had a shitty owner that poured weak drinks.
Now it's pretty sick! They moved the stage to the back of the bar and got rid of their pool tables.
Nice and dark atmosphere and the female bartenders pour a stiff drink.
One of three bands that played. CommanderNBeef described them as "cookie-monster rock".
Metal heads everywhere. PBR was flowing like goats blood at a ritualistic killing.
Neil showed up. Yea Neil!
Poor camera quality.
T.C. coozie in full effect.
Second band played and they fucking rocked!
Nihilist drum kit was all set up.
Then the head banging went into full effect.
Nihilist played an amazing set. I moshed and slammed into people with reckless abandon.
Some chick ran into me and smashed my nose in a little bit.
Causing it to bleed. So hyped, I began headbanging even harder to the point where I felt nauseous and had to go outside and puke in the gutter.

Here's a few clips I filmed with my cell phone while we were there. Nihilist is the band in the middle.
No idea what the names of the other bands were.

Rock N Fucking Roll



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