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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery: Cooking Tri-Tips and Lurking at the San Diego Zoo

Here to meet yer fiendish needs. 
Another Mandatory Bloggery is in order...
 Been hanging with ItWasTheLight. His cat "Meow-Lin" is adorable.
 Showed me some cool videos on Vimeo. This one was sick, except my OldLady told me that there was no way a person could be para-sailing through restricted airspace. But it's still cool.
 The BlueVulva looking festive.
 Doctoring up a $2.50 pizza. Just adding some ground Italian sausage.
 It came out great.
 Then we added a shit load of sriracha sauce.
 This video rules.
 Went to the new Carlsbad park. It was the shit. Big ass pool probably 10 foot deep. 5' shallow end with stairs that are super fun to carve over. It has lights and is open 'til 10p.m.
 Bowl #2, complete with a love seat to carve over.
 Street course was the tits!
 Mission bell to carve over. I didn't man up to it. 
Hopefully next time. That shit be steep!
 A bacon strip that is super fun to slappy as well as all the ledges and manny pads the heart could desire.
 Sweet 8 stair rail to get buck on. This place has all kinds of fun stuff.
 Oh y'know, just cooking a feast!
 Never a dull moment around here.
 Cinnamon black out juice.
 Meats meat and a mans gotta eat.
 Bag that shit!
 Let it soak up the bbq goodness!
 This is probably my favourite wedding gift.
 That's Butterface lurking in the background.
 Dinner is served!
 You make my heart sing!
 Biscuit and I watching "Frankly Speaking". Shit is too hilarious.
 Went to the San Diego Zoo with the OldLady. Ate a pot brownie and had a blast.
 Saw this giant looking coyote/fox. It was at least 3 feet tall.
Definitely something that would hunt you down in a pack and kill you.
 It was beautiful though. Wish I had a better camera for when it comes to picture quality.
 Like a big dog. I wanted to pet it. And I know CommanderNBeef would too.
 Thing was so sick.
 This was the closest it got. I named him Chip Douglas. After "Cable Guy".
 Later Chip!
 Then we saw this lion. Thing was massive.
 While I was switching my camera to video mode, it playfully swatted and roared at a female lion. 
Exciting stuff!



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