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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- BBQing and Partying Hard

Welcome back to the undying shit show that is my so called life.
Kicking ass and taking anmes and slamming beers and stinking it up is the way this ship is heading.
The Captain is gone and the Larbs have taken over the shit-ship!
Heavy vanning. So badass and fucking American!
Spot by the old stomping grounds in Old Town.
Fat Boys deli with the fat boys!
For the Kings of slop.
Fuck, Shit.
Nook's sunglasses.
Male model.
Getting ready for the Typical Culture 5 year Anniversary party.
Saw UnionLeatherWorks there. He's seen better days, but ya can't keep a good man down.
Capt.LaRue..... Lurking.
Judges seating.
SorryEntertainer skated only long enough to win a giant jar of weed in the highest wallride contest.
Thats the look of a victorious man, about to spark one up, son!
Setting up shop.
Technicians of their craft...
Afterwards it was a 10 man joint party of Lurkers, Route 44 homies and a bunch of PD homies.
Shit was off the hook!
Later on, Roy eating in the kitchen.
Fuck you.
Fuck you.
Don't know where we are going, but I know where we've been.
Tri-tip time.... as is tradition.
Biscuit wanted to supervise, but he's not allowed outside without parent permission and monitoring.
Glorious meat!
I wish I had a heart made of tri-tip.
So fucking amazing.
On a bollo roll with some fries and catsup.
The second one I had had chipotle mustard and more bbq sauce!
BeerManOfDarkWoods is coming!
Training facility. I'm so used to skating parks and tranny these days, it's good to get back to ones roots and just push around in circles and mash the flat bar.
Meatball sub night! The fun never stops....
...better make it a double meat!
Giant fucking glob of wife's hair I pulled outta' the shower drain.
If you haven't checked this video out, then pour yerself a beer and plop that duff on the couch!
It's only 15 minutes long and the good homie, Dowdy made it!
Click here to view it!



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