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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery: LordBlahs Birthday

For our beloved Irish cunt, LordBlah turned 31 years of age recently... we pre partied at the house for a bit and then hit up our local URBN pizza restaurant.
Really been laying into them curbs as of late...
Pre-party ale!
And a bit of Jeopardy while we wait for the bubs.
LordBlah was in full effect. 31 year old gigantic baby leprechaun right there.
Night moves.
Stinky and DonaldGately were in tow... as is tradition.
Beautiful man.
Whiskey tasting was in order.
I drank a whole pitcher of Green Flash IPA. Shit got me drunk.
Lots of pizza, pac-man style.
Afterwards everybody went to some show at the Casbah. No idea what the band was, but I was psyched I got sent home with the leftovers!
Biscuit got no pizza.
Oops! Looks like LordBlah left his cell phone at my pad!
This is what happens when you get caught slippin'.
Trying to take a picture of my inner colon with LordBlah's phone.
I told him what I did.... Like 10 days later!
 This is how evil I was feeling that night.



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  1. We saw No Knife at the Casbah, and it was pretty fucking rad.