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Monday, January 13, 2014

Shred Shots- November/December 2013- Dowdy, Butterface, LaRue, Stewart, Filipino King, Gayboy

Greetings there internet world, EatFiend brings back another edition of S.S.
 Hit up the new Carlsbad park. Freshly poured concrete of both street and bowls. Open 'til 10p.m. and soooooooooooo fun!
TypicalCuture mastermind, Dowdy with a back tail.
 Dowdy fucking killed it, first try layback smith grind.
 Angle I filmed with my new GoPro. Footy of that coming in the near future.
 Backside body jar... I think. Or a nose grab.
He was doing everything everywhere.
 Did the backtail more than once, you can believe that.
 So fun shredding with this bub.
Just a few blocks from the house, Butterface with a pipe jam. 
This spot is crusty. I did it too, but only filmed it. No photo, womp womp.
We were lucky enough to get the chance to skate DavidJ's mini ramp.
Buttery ass metal coping on one side, pool coping on the other side.
GayBoy, feeble grind
Had to put this up, no idea who that is mashing in the Sector9 Bread bowl. 
This ramp jam was fucking killer. Dudes were killing it, free tacos and some good tunes!
 LaRue with a frontside noseslide, Poway park.
 Classic Butterface style. Master of all basic tricks, making them look so buttery.
I was hyped on this photo strictly because of his shadow. It's tight!
 While we were here, Larue saw a dude who is a Santee local. The guy was accompanied by Josh Kasper. Then he started doing handplants on 6 foot ramp. So gnarly.
 Larue, warming up on them fronside ollies.
 Butterface, early grabbing some air.
 They kept doing them at my request.
A blogger has gotta' get his photography practice in too.
 It's easy when dudes are shredding this hard.
 A little too late...
 Should send this one into Lurkville...

 Then he tail tapped it for the fuck of it.
You rip, LaRue.
 Yours truly, Coronado skatepark. Front board.
 FilipinoKing, slappy feeble at the curb down the street from my house.
 Surprised they haven't knobbed this ledge yet.
FillipinoKing, boardslide.
 Yours truly with a botched front board. I did the splits so hard popping outta' this fucker.
I like the pic though.
The bub, Stewart back smith grinding the mini tombstone at Coronado skatepark.
A little blurry, but the light in the background is sick.

Skateboarding is the shit.



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