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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- Memo Park, Cooking Chili, Old Mill Cafe and BornRetard

Hey there, ho there, hi there! Consistency has never really been my forte unless it comes to pounding beers or doing front nose slides...
... but it's something I'm gonna try to get a bit better at. No promises.
Blogging is fun, but not as fun as pounding beers and doing front nose slides...
The day started out great. Learned front lips at Hesh park with the aid of Artythe300PoundHam. Then we headed over to Memo park for some action with part owner of Lurkville skateboards, Julian. He cuts my hair!
BeerBonginBrockman and his doggie "Blix" were there too!
So basically after the great session at SlowB, I fucked up my foot at Memo. Hyper extended my big toe on my left foot doing ironically a backside nose slide.
So instead I just wlaked around and took pics. Lots of homies were there shredding. No sense on letting an injury get me down.
Panoramic shot. 
This bowl is pretty insane. 10' with crusty ass pool coping. Not even a majority of pros can skate this as well as the locals.
Probably my favorite local park.
Butterface was there ripping, as is tradition.
He then insisted that I take pictures of his feet only. I think he was annoyed that I was taking pictures of him. 
Just before the pop.
The landing.
The front board. Handsome ass fucking wild stallion hands to his side lookin mutha fucka'!
Brothers from different mothers. Just trying to avoid the fucking heat.
Last shot I took. Butterface rules.
Anyway, got dropped off at home and got started on cooking some fucking chili!
4 pounds of chicken breast on the left, 2 pounds of beef on the right.
Chili partaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
I love my hand choppy thing. As seen on t.v.
Slow cooker in full effect!
An arsenal of peppers.
Even though I was limping around cooking chili by myself, I felt that it would have been pointless unless I got all three cookers going.
Homemade chunky tomato sauce.
Shredded chicken thighs.
And of course, BACON!
Foot was pretty fucked.
Good thing three pairs of fresh shoes cam in time for me to not be able to skate in them.
Made Biscuit a new fort.
He loved it.
As is tradition...
This place rules.
Where am I?...
I'm at a place with biscuits and gravy.
Clearly I'm at the Old Mill Cafe. 
This place is awesome. Nice quiet and mellow.
Later at the house, Biscuit could s,ell quite the stench in the air.
Only to be molested by BornRetard. My kitty has never growled at anyone, but he was not digging BornRetards stinky ass. He showed up unannounced and was mumbling about his girl... anyway, change the fucking channel!
He was in need of some furry feline attention. Biscuit was not giving in.
Got him into the garage. The shit show ensued...
BornRetards version of being Out Of Step.
Building an imaginary sand castle.
Finally passes out. Never a dull moment with this retard.
Here's a little gem of BornRetards madness.



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