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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- Guns, Ammo and Meat

Hung out with the bub Garbutt a minute ago.
Every time I ru into him he always invites me to go shooting. Well finally I ended up manning up and we went to Gun Mart to blow a few rounds. 
I was definitely feeling the gun fever! Bang! Bang! Bang!
Shit I wish was hanging on my walls.
An AR-15  I wish was under my bed.
Setting up targets.
I had my GoPro set up to film the whole session. Ear protection had to be worn at all times since there were twenty other people lighting up their targets with God knows what.
He gave me the run down. Shit was so fun.
A few of the targets.
(from left to right) 9mm. with 10 round clips, .22 rifle, and the glorious AR-15 bad mother fucking ass!
Had to do it.
You talking to me?...
I don't see nobody else around here,
So you must be talking to me!
Dig it.
Garbutt had plenty of ammo 'cuz he's ready for the zombie apocalypse, civil unrest or Scientologists...
Hangovers cause vomiting. Vomiting makes me pop blood vessels in my eye ball!
Emergencies happen a lot around here.
Started a garden. As of this blogging, it's a fuckin' bloomin'.
Beer of the Gods. Honeymoon reminiscing with LadyLarb.
GeneralPercy, alive and well.
Got a lot of catching up to do on my television.
Feeling young, getting fatter.
We were just rehearsing for a play...
No Mr. Lahey, we weren't rehearsing for a play...
Biscuit, dominating the back yard.
Breakfast tacos.
Night time bbq action.
ShadyNasty is holding up well.
Tri tips make the world go around. Except in India.
Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat meat meat MEAT!
Beer is a mandatory at this point.
Colon cancer be dammed I wish I could eat this every night.
This lil' fucker...
Left over tri tip sandwiches for lunch.
Biscuit is over it.
And so the battle between myself and DonaldGately continues.



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