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Friday, June 27, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- Lakeside Sesh and NoHans Alley BBQing

Bbqing is what I love!
Mandatory flank steak bbq photos, as is tradition.
Jealous much?
I felt bad that Biscuit wasn't getting any so I gave him a stack of treats.
Munch, munch, munch.....
He was actually licking his chops, but it looks like he is sneering in disgust.
I love it.
Time for a quick bath.
Dinner was all ready to go.
All rolled into one glorious soft taco.
The next day I picked up the bubs and we headed out to the new Lakeside skatepark.
Even though we got there before 9 a.m., it was already packed with skaters, lurkers, bikers and even full grown men on scooters/rascals!
So this dude was clearly drunk and mobbed into the park on his rascal with his dog in between his legs and went down a 2 stair drop (unbeknownst to him). Then his scooter died as rolled away from the landing. The picture above is where he landed. Right in the middle of fucking traffic.
He eventually got helped out of the park.
The dog was psyched.
As Billy Joel would say, "I'm in a panoramic state of mind."
This place was amazing. I ended up filming quite a few clips with my Flip camera and GoPro by the end of the session. It was a great day. Myself, Butterface, Larue and ItWasTheLight all had the day off!  The makings for an epic session, except for the fact that my foot was still very much so, injured.
Hence, the documentation of the day.
Time to get the fuck outta this hot shit-pit.
Hello old friend, I believe we have met before.
Heading to HQ!
Gave the NoHans ramp a make over. Sank some faulty screws and laid down the metal sheet I stole from down the alley. ITS GOOD TO GO!
I pretty much managed bbq duties...
.....and watched Larue shred the shit outta' the thing....
....while ItWasTheLight did his own thing, in his own way.
Many beers were consumed.
Butterface letting his feet soak up some sunshine.
Carne and pollo! BAM!
Bubs were tired. I was drunk.
Larue was chilling.
Butterface was probably doing something cooler on his phone. 
Great day with great bubs.
Better yet, Hans wasn't there! Ha!
Time to get weird.
Alley life rules. King of the Hill rules.
Then shit got real blurry.



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