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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- Biscuit and Burrito-Butt

Nothing special this time around, just a bunch of random photos.
Why does Biscuit look so tired and hungover?
Maybe because WormTits kept him up all night after getting home from the Cherry Bomb.
What is that by his bum? Look closer...
Well what do ya know, it's a half eaten burrito laying in bed with him.
I bet he fucked it before he passed out.
May as well finish it!
Wear yer friggin' sunscreen, kids.
Poker night at Craigosaurs.
Time off with the Thaete clan.
Troll hole.
Quasi panoramic.
Not quite.
That's better.
It was a beautiful day.
This looked cool. Rock on!
Coronado. It's crazy that more than half that island is a military base.
Hobos hoboing it up at a bus stop.
Green bean casserol made by the wife.
Gettin' fatter.
So fun.
So peaceful.
What time is it?
It's poopy time!
Morning hype.
Breakfast bowl.
A NYC edit I made for Capt.Sahi.
Biscuit loves garden time.
All right, time to get to work on some chili!
Until next time...



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