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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery-Another Day, Another Burrito

Just another day on the grind...
No pun intended.
Rarely is it ever this empty at Memo.
We went of to the side and scrape on the mini quarter pipes.
Psyched to bust out my GoPro.
A GoPro project is definitely in the works.
Julian and Luis checked in too!
Later on Larue and I went to a taco shop by WSVT called "Lucha Libre's".
It was pretty sick, Mexican wrestling memorabilia everywhere.
Is it tea you looking for?
Or Iced T?...
Such a hipster hangout.
The burritos were fucking delicious though! I went with my standard carne-asada burrito with cheese and sour cream only. It didn't disappoint.
Hermanos de Burritos!
Late night munchies at the house.
Home made chicken tenders. Nice and crunchy.
Morning hype.
Psyched to see the bub JRoy getting a photo in Thrasher at the Texas Deathmatch.
JRoy is my homeboy.
Panorama one.
Panorama two.
Panorama three,
Meat clerk, produce clerk, I don't give a fuck.
Taking selfies with my little man.
These are amazing.
Morning dump.
Garden is coming along.
Bored at work.
Wish I knew how to draw a burrito.
It was alot like this...
Educating the kids at Skate Nite BBQ.
They are ripping as always.
Drawing session at ItWasTheLights house.
Koping Kitty
Couldn't resist.
Pretty kitty.
Walking home wasted is always fun!
I love drinking in public. Makes me feel free.
Picture of Johnny Ramone inside some ones house. So sick.



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