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Monday, June 23, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery-Spam Party, YouTube Vids and Panoramic Shots

Sorry for the lack of the content over the last few days, but yer truly has been Larbing it up and celebrating ones own birthing from the larval stage...
...So anyway, here's anothe Mandatory Blogger for you guys. YEET!
Trailer Park Boys, always killing it.
Wok party.
San Diego bay and the Coronado bridge.
Bigger shot. I wish Blogger would give me the option to make theses shots bigger, oh well.
Pizza and beer. A combination created by the Gods to keep man happy and satisfied.
This mad me laugh so hard. I love Randy.
Old school Jim Carrey "Fire Marshall Bill" skit on In Living Color, That show was legendary.
New shred sled. Creature keeps me rolling with them wide boards.
Animated sex offender.
Hesh park session with skate camp.
Panoramic photo of Robb Field skatepark.
Panoramic photo of WSVT.
This park is fucking epic!
It was a great session with Skate Camp. We always hit up Robb Field park and WSVT in the same day. Today was a real treat, pro skateboarders Shuriken Shannon, Stu Graham and Peter Hewitt were there! Pro sighting in San Diego? Who woulda thought...

Here are some of my favourite video parts by the mentioned names above.
I met Shurken Shannon back in the early 2000's when I was getting boards through Tum Yeto. Dude has always been on another level. I remember when I went to the Pig Wood premiere, when Shurikens part came on, he had the loudest crowd support. Definitely a S.D. favourite.
Raw, powerful and straight up gnarly, Peter Hewitt is definitely a cult favourite by many. I remember back when he was on 151, but now he is befittingly on the 18.
The way it should be.
Stu Graham, the Scottish ogre is definitely on my radar. I have a great appreciation for the heavier set skateboarders simply because it's physically harder. Plus Stu Grahams 360 flip to fakie is the shit!
WormTits rocking a championship belt.
Spam party.
Biscuit on my shoulders party.
DMV party.



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