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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- Blurry Nights, Hazy Lights.

If any of you have never been to the Bomb, I highly recommend it.
If yer into heavy fuckin' metal, pool, foosball and stiff drinks then you've come to the right place.
 But first I had to check in with this cute little kitty cat.
 Later, at the Cherry Bomb. Nothing better than fanning out on a tweakers Wolverine shirt. 
 This dude was rolling really fucking hard. His hands and mouth wouldn't stop moving. His hands were moving like he was raving with glow sticks in them, but nothing was there.
 Drugs are bad, mckaay?
 Only had to have 2 or 3 of these bad boys...
Speaking of whiskey, found this gem of a passed out lad. Better him than me.
 Bang! I was going to the shooting range the next day, so I figured it was worth a pic.
 Located in the corner of a laundry mat off who-gives-a-fuck boulevard.
 DonaldGately's home away from home.
 This dude was having a hard time standing at the table.
 He sucked..... at life in general.
 Later, we left The Bomb and found ourselves on a nice stroll through Balboa Park.
 Not exactly sure whats going on here.
 Butt cheeks. Not hairy enough to be mine.
 Wandering with Donald.
 They didn't seem to notice us walking through.
 Blurry nights, hazy lights.
 Balboa Park is much nicer when there are no cars or people. Just silence and the beautiful architecture.
 I was psyched!
 I dig it.
 Why is DonaldGately waiting?
 Oh, WormTits is draining the snake.

 Overall a good night.
We finally made it out to the other side. Wound up in the Zoo parking lot.
Then some asshole rent-a-cop came up and yelled at us for being in the parking lot.
Stupid bozo wasn't even doing his job! We just stumbled through Balboa park!



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