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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- Shredding With The Bubs

Just another day in the sun shredding the streets of San Diego; America's finest whale-like vagina...
The Hillcrest DMV has been a legendary spot for wood pushers many a decade. Watching Larue shred here has helped me learn many a trick. 
Cody met up with us. Known him since he was a young buck. He did wallrides for me until I got a photo I liked.
Had the GoPro running the whole time. 
Cody is not only amazing on the board but also off it.
Best bubs ever. Love skating with these two. BornRetard heel-flipping his retarded ass everywhere while ItWasTheLight catches the action.
Is that the FillipinoKing I spy there?
Retarded looking butt shop.
Best friends forever.
'Bout dat Volvo life!
Look into his gaze and your childrens children will be retarded.
Larue getting a light dose of teriyaki mid day.
Lipslide a log. Go lipslide a burger.
Last spot of the day. Everyone shredded and had a great time. We all took some slams and laughed at eachother and I suppose that's what it's all about.
Sleepy time.
SuperHans to the rescue!
Full scorpion for your viewing pleasure.
Confirmation of glorious slam coming soon.



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