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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Fuck Mondays Love Donuts

Looks like somebody has a case of the fucking Mondays.

Best reaction ever.
 So I hydroplained the blue vuvla on my way to work. It was fucking freaky.
 A random tow truck driver stopped by and helped me out.
 Fired the fucker right up and drove it home. This thing is a beast.
 Damage assessment.  
 Almost a 100 percent positive this things frame is damaged.
 That's what I get for speeding right after it got done raining.

Afterwards, this song pretty much reflected my day and attitude.
 12th and Imperial bus station. DTSD
 Back to the ghetto limo life.
Meatball life. I'm a greasy fuckin' meatball sometimes.
When I take a pic this close, I like to pretend my hands are as big as Andre The Giants, r.i.p.
Sweating it out on a bike ride with WormTits.
Even though I'm on a cruiser, I was eating my dust!
Then he actually started pedaling and he smoked me.
Stupid hipster.
Gold Donuts. Not to be confused with Golden Donuts.
Love these prices. 
Keeping it traditional. I love old school donut hangouts. Y'know, the type where old people wait outside all morning just for them to open.
Killing it. Old fashions and jelly filled donuts are the best! Plus a ham n cheese croissant WITH jalapenos. YES PLEASE!
Small place= low overhead.
Then we headed back to H.Q. 
Larue gave me the viewing pleasure of this vid! I gotta get a copy.
Alotta lost and forgotten footy. Until now! Love how they put a donut stain on the back cover.
Hope this goes online soon.



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