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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Meat, Black Fag and Poker

Who doesn't love a good meat party?
One can never go wrong with bacon and burgers!
Greasy ass burgers and crispy ass bacon. Recipe for heart clogging happiness!
Beer, chipotle cheese, avocados and mushrooms!
Kick ass burgers. Jealous much?
Smoked salmon on a bagel with cream cheese.
I love skateboarding to death.
Rad new shirt I got at Route 44.
Black Fag was way better. Much better show. Mac Sabbath was completely unoriginal. Simply bashing fast food to the tunes of Black Sabbath.
Black Fag on the other hand was a complete riot. I will definitely be going back to see them again.
Fernando, our weekly trivia host always has the raddest kitty t-shirts!
New whip!
Stewart and Andy doing something radical for the park. They brought a grind stone over and started shaving down the chunky bus benches we have. Now they are super buttery and smooth! Thanks bubs!
Dinner time. My mom gave me a giant jug of roasted pineapple and habanero sauce over a year ago and it's been sitting in the 'fridge, so I decided to get experimental with it.
This stuff is amazingly sweet.
Fresh pink rack of ribs!
I glazed the shit outta this rack.
Baste, toss into the oven, repeat.
Over and over again, I did it every 10 minutes.
Fuuuuuuuuck yes!
Sweet on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside.
Car troubles. Fuckin' again. I just got this beast outta the shop and the exact same day after work it died on me on my way home.
Luckily I have AAA and they give me a couple of free tows a year. 
This is how I cope with car troubles. Piech was along for the ride since we were planning on playing poker later this night.
Very thankful of DonaldGately and Stinky hosting.
Stinky was way wasted and taking peoples money going all-in in the dark. That means he was blacked out as fuck!
So it came down to Stinky and I and he didn't stand a chance!
Stinky was hosting and he declared it was a "winner take all" game. I couldn't have been more happy since my fucking ride died on me earlier this day. Crazy how the universe can kick you down and then bring you back up.
"Universe, you've done it again!" -Tobias Funke
Stinky then tried to flip the table on top of me.
Then he was passed out, as he did periodically throughout the evening.
I was psyched on the win and still relishing in the fact that the Patriots won the Super Bowl!
Stinky always makes a good canvas. This time he didn't get mad at me for drawing on him since I used a dry erase marker.
Hanky-Poo! Such a good dog.
Fuck off.
WormTits was wasted and went out back and picked himself a whole sack of oranges.
All in all, it was a good time. Especially since I dominated the game!



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